Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Last Rite - By Jen Frankel

The Last Rite is the new book by Jen Frankel. She is truly a gifted author that deserves your support.

Here is the synopsis of the book:
When her dreams start to suddenly, terrifyingly come true, Maggie Stuart realizes her life is something far from ordinary. Fortunately, Maggie is anything but an ordinary 13-year old girl.

First, her estranged father shows up out of the blue with a mysterious young man who shows an unnatural interest in Maggie. Then, she’s torn from home, school, and family and thrown into the middle of an ancient struggle between Char, a being of almost limitless power, and his terrifying children.

Will Maggie be pawn, or player? Will she escape from Char’s clutches, or be transformed? And above all, can she find a way to overcome her greatest fear — of what she herself is becoming?
You can contribute at: indiegogo - the last rite

You can check out an interview with Jen Frankel on ReynardCity

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