Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Dark Knight Rising Incident in Burlington

It was Saturday Night on July 21, 2012 as we prepare for the 9:35 PM showing of Batman. Everyone enters the theater and finds their seats. Some time passes and then there is some loud yelling at the top of the theater. "You stole our seats". Initially nobody was aware of what was going on kids came down crying. This lady was screaming that she can sit wherever she wants. The man tried to explain that the kids where saving the seats while they went to get them snacks. When he came back these two people took their seats. The lady started screaming that you cannot save seats. She started screaming that she was not leaving. She got so loud and aggressive that four theater workers came to calm the situation to which she started saying that it was because she was black. If she were a white person this would not happen. At that point the crowd started yelling kick her out. Even not knowing the full story once she pulled that stunt everyone knew she was guilty. If she had a legitimate complaint she would have voiced that rather than pull that stuff. The theater workers guided her out and everyone clapped. I think had she not used the race card and simply explained the situation people would have been more considerate to listening to her but unfortunately, even if she were in the right, the screaming and using the race card meant nobody would listen.

Afterwards it was said she got so violent the got the police involved and she was even swearing at the Police Officers.

The movie was amazing. I can't wait until they do Batman and Robin.

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